DG envisages smart buildings with controls located on the remote switch of a vehicle

Public Works Director

General (DG) Mr Mziwonke Dlabantu says architects are the built environment creative whiz kids. Adding that people depended on the architects to conceptualise
the living world such that it can anticipate the worst while in response they simultaneously develop designs that can withstand both the natural and man-made disasters.

The DG was launching the International Exhibition space marking the start of the 25th Congress of the International Union of Architects (UIA) on 3 August 2014, in Durban.

The DG said the visual art that the planners, the exhibitors and the organisers displayed at the exhibition offered some sort of mental stimulation and made delegates wonder at the hidden worth of the speeches and other scientific content they are about to be exposed to, when the Congress officially kicks off on 4 August 2014. “Whether it is through graffiti, painting, graphic design or even
an exhibition, the objective is to engender in the mind of the beholder the world that you, as the creative person can imagine,” said the Director-General.

The DG thanked all the entities who heeded the clarion call and took the challenge to go to the Congress and share with the world through the visual art displays, the essence of what the architectural professional encapsulates. He said, on a lighter note, in this age of smart buildings, it should not be far-fetched anymore to imagine a house with all its controls located on the remote switch of a vehicle. “From the comfort of your car, you can control the temperature in the geyser
and the intensity of the lights in the living room,” Mr Dlabantu quipped.

He then toasted to the official opening of the Durban UIA 2014 International Exhibition.
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